Art and Technology – its uses and overuses

I fell in love with ArtPrize my freshman year in college two years ago and have been returning every year since. ArtPrize is held in Grand Rapids and has decidedly put their name on the map for it. With more than 1,550 entries from artists all around the world, they compete not just to have their work displayed but to also have a chance to win $500,000 in prizes including a $200,000 grand prize (Associate Press, 2015).  Times have changed and while art in and of itself is still beautiful and unique the ideas that shape it are always changing. One push in that direction is the idea of the use of technology in modern art.

While I was exploring downtown Grand Rapids I honestly could not find a lot of technology used in the art itself. In todays society we rely on the use of technology far to much (I am a victim of this!) and I found it refreshing that the art itself was being displayed naturally rather than electronically. Of course there are always exceptions to these rules and one example would be the art work by Emeko Ikebude titled The Stream. Below is a picture taken by me of his work:

Photo taken by Alayna Cassidy

This piece is modern but with hints of technology used in the lights. The little pieces of tech molded into the art is a fine example of using technology but not taking it too far. Art is meant to be explored, looked at with such detail that we can’t help but in someway connect to it. How are we supposed to connect to art when all we want to do is connect to the internet?

Last year ArtPrize introduced a new app that would allow users to vote for their favorite art pieces, give map and directions to pieces of art, stay up to date with news concerning ArtPrize, and a slew of other options to make ArtPrize more user friendly (, 2015). This year the app itself while very helpful (I myself was using it to look around) is also what I think is a major hindrance to enjoying the art itself. What’s more proof that we are so reliant on technology that minutes before voting officially began, the ArtPrize website and essentially their app was down due to an outage and people were still going to the website and app to vote never realizing that the app was down in the first place (Kaczmarczyk, 2015). We rely so much on technology it seems that we have such major blind spot to anything past our phone or compute screens.

While I may admit that I dislike the use of technology in art I understand that it will never truly go away but grow instead. The rise of technology is fast-paced and while art itself will always have its unique concepts the use of technology in art will most likely rise. In ArtPrize the uses of technology were small but important and in the art itself what I found while exploring were smaller uses. I also have to take in the fact that I couldn’t see everything and I’m sure their were more pieces with big uses of technology but I was pleasantly surprised with what I found anyway. Technology is on the rise! Beware of computer screens and internet apps!


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Here are some pictures I took while exploring:

Photo taken by Alayna Cassidy
Photo taken by Alayna Cassidy
Photo taken by Alayna Cassidy
Photo taken by Alayna Cassidy
Photo taken by Alayna Cassidy
Photo taken by Alayna Cassidy
Photo taken by Alayna Cassidy
Photo taken by Alayna Cassidy

Technology in Careers

10 jobs that are in the field of social media:
Social Media Analyst
Clicks and Clients Inc.

  • MS Office advanced experience
  • Familiar with common social platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram etc.
  • Analytical – You’re not afraid of CPL, CPC, Conversion Rate and ROI analysis. You can read the stories behind the numbers
  • I am not fully integrated into the social media society as I barely use and tolerate it. Hopefully I can gain experience through classes and by starting small and working my way through jobs that are similar but not the same

Marketing Copywriter
Optoro- Washington DC

  • Bachelor’s degree in communications, advertising, marketing, English,  (or comparable work experience)
  • Book of work and 2-3 years of copywriting experience, which demonstrate the ability to use words to evoke emotion
  • Comfortable with content production and how copy relates to design
  • MS Office experience
  • As this requires at least two to three years experience with copywriting I need the experience to work in that environment. I personally believe that I would not do well if I didn’t start out with a job similar to copywriting and design as I am not familiar with content production.

Staff Writer
Wendoh Media

  • Be familiar with the creation of making a blog.
  • Be up to date with news.
  • Reporting/writing for a similar publication : 3 years
  • Build a following for content via social media and other tools
  • While this job does appeal to me and I definitely would want to consider this job I fall short in the experience of making blogs as I was only introduced to this last year and it was sparse at best. I would need to gain experience by starting out small by maybe starting my own independent blogs and when I get enough followers than start sending them out to possible employers.

Marketing Writer and Social Media Specialist
Market Motive

  • Need to be comfortable using Google’s Drive, Docs, Sheets, and all that that implies.
  • Using a tool like Hootsuite and/or Buffer to manage multiple social accounts will give you a head start.
  • You need to know how to research, compile, organize, and present sometimes complicated information in an accessible way.
  • This would be a good job but again requires some experience. I  would start small in groups and work on blogs including facebook and linkedin. I need better managing skills as well.

Media Relations/Writer
Mary Free Bed

  • Skills to explain, interpret, and present technical/medical information in lay terms
  • General knowledge of rehabilitation service and principles of marketing and sales
  • Outstanding writing skills for multiple mediums
  • 5 years prior experience
  • This would be a good start up job if it was maybe offering to newer to people. Besides experience the requirements are fulfilled through my writing and advertising classes.

The Baltimore Sun Media Group

  • 1 year writing experience
  • Experience with the makings of a blog
  • Advanced use of social media
  • I definitely would be interested in this job. It would be a good way to gain experience with writing and uses tactics from advertising to writing as I am trying to get people to read what I write.

Lead Writer 
Seasun Games

  • Work collaboratively with the Art and Gameplay Design and Cinematic Teams.
  • 5 years prior experience as an entertainment writer
  • This job, while it sounds interesting on an outer level, would not be something I would excel at. Even if I had experience in social media writing and blogging I have no design experience.

Content Writer

  • Fully-developed addiction to news and information with an interest in researching new ideas and topics
  • Extensive use and knowledge of AP style
  • Firm understanding of writing for the web and SEO
  • I need to learn what SEO is to work hear. This would be a lot of group work and my knowledge I’m afraid does not equal the people I most likely would be working with.

Social Media/Content Writer/and Aggregator

  • Must be savvy with the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, and YouTube
  • Ability to navigate the web, and understand how to gather good articles on many given topics
  • Excellent copy writing, spelling, written, and oral communication skills.
  • This job appeals to me as what I would be doing is finding articles and coming up with catchy titles for them. It would be good group work and I would have a better understanding of working for a social media based company.

Technical Writer
harvey, llc

  • Technological experience with graphs, screenshots, etc.
  • Partner with other teams technical writers to assure consistency in terms of style, format and grammar.
  • Proofread and edit documentation to ensure consistency of language and style, as well as correct application of templates
  • This job is very fast-paced and while I would enjoy to work there I do not have the experience working at that level yet. If I could I would start with smaller groups to pick up ideas for this job.