Technology in Careers

10 jobs that are in the field of social media:
Social Media Analyst
Clicks and Clients Inc.

  • MS Office advanced experience
  • Familiar with common social platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram etc.
  • Analytical – You’re not afraid of CPL, CPC, Conversion Rate and ROI analysis. You can read the stories behind the numbers
  • I am not fully integrated into the social media society as I barely use and tolerate it. Hopefully I can gain experience through classes and by starting small and working my way through jobs that are similar but not the same

Marketing Copywriter
Optoro- Washington DC

  • Bachelor’s degree in communications, advertising, marketing, English,  (or comparable work experience)
  • Book of work and 2-3 years of copywriting experience, which demonstrate the ability to use words to evoke emotion
  • Comfortable with content production and how copy relates to design
  • MS Office experience
  • As this requires at least two to three years experience with copywriting I need the experience to work in that environment. I personally believe that I would not do well if I didn’t start out with a job similar to copywriting and design as I am not familiar with content production.

Staff Writer
Wendoh Media

  • Be familiar with the creation of making a blog.
  • Be up to date with news.
  • Reporting/writing for a similar publication : 3 years
  • Build a following for content via social media and other tools
  • While this job does appeal to me and I definitely would want to consider this job I fall short in the experience of making blogs as I was only introduced to this last year and it was sparse at best. I would need to gain experience by starting out small by maybe starting my own independent blogs and when I get enough followers than start sending them out to possible employers.

Marketing Writer and Social Media Specialist
Market Motive

  • Need to be comfortable using Google’s Drive, Docs, Sheets, and all that that implies.
  • Using a tool like Hootsuite and/or Buffer to manage multiple social accounts will give you a head start.
  • You need to know how to research, compile, organize, and present sometimes complicated information in an accessible way.
  • This would be a good job but again requires some experience. I  would start small in groups and work on blogs including facebook and linkedin. I need better managing skills as well.

Media Relations/Writer
Mary Free Bed

  • Skills to explain, interpret, and present technical/medical information in lay terms
  • General knowledge of rehabilitation service and principles of marketing and sales
  • Outstanding writing skills for multiple mediums
  • 5 years prior experience
  • This would be a good start up job if it was maybe offering to newer to people. Besides experience the requirements are fulfilled through my writing and advertising classes.

The Baltimore Sun Media Group

  • 1 year writing experience
  • Experience with the makings of a blog
  • Advanced use of social media
  • I definitely would be interested in this job. It would be a good way to gain experience with writing and uses tactics from advertising to writing as I am trying to get people to read what I write.

Lead Writer 
Seasun Games

  • Work collaboratively with the Art and Gameplay Design and Cinematic Teams.
  • 5 years prior experience as an entertainment writer
  • This job, while it sounds interesting on an outer level, would not be something I would excel at. Even if I had experience in social media writing and blogging I have no design experience.

Content Writer

  • Fully-developed addiction to news and information with an interest in researching new ideas and topics
  • Extensive use and knowledge of AP style
  • Firm understanding of writing for the web and SEO
  • I need to learn what SEO is to work hear. This would be a lot of group work and my knowledge I’m afraid does not equal the people I most likely would be working with.

Social Media/Content Writer/and Aggregator

  • Must be savvy with the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, and YouTube
  • Ability to navigate the web, and understand how to gather good articles on many given topics
  • Excellent copy writing, spelling, written, and oral communication skills.
  • This job appeals to me as what I would be doing is finding articles and coming up with catchy titles for them. It would be good group work and I would have a better understanding of working for a social media based company.

Technical Writer
harvey, llc

  • Technological experience with graphs, screenshots, etc.
  • Partner with other teams technical writers to assure consistency in terms of style, format and grammar.
  • Proofread and edit documentation to ensure consistency of language and style, as well as correct application of templates
  • This job is very fast-paced and while I would enjoy to work there I do not have the experience working at that level yet. If I could I would start with smaller groups to pick up ideas for this job.

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