What role should tech have at/in ArtPrize?

Technology… really is there anything else to say? Even if their isn’t I’ll talk anyway. Technology made a bid impact at ArtPrize this year, the app that allows people to vote for their favorite piece didn’t work on opening day. As the role of technology seems to expand what will ArtPrize do? How will they adapt to the growing use of technology? Will this start taking away from the point of ArtPrize which is to showcase art work? What role should tech have at ArtPrize? I will be giving my opinions and observations.

ArtPrize has always been about the art. But it seems that technology has slowly wormed its way in. That is not necessarily a bad thing but how can we enjoy the art if all we are doing is looking at our screens texting? ArtPrize seems to have its work cut out for it. Since they are using a mobile application to register votes as well as in person I believe that they will just cut out the middle man eventually and just have you register through your phone (Kaczmarczyk, 2015).The inherent laziness in people would think of this as just “Meh why do I need to search out the voting desk when I can just use my phone? Why do I need to talk to someone?”

Art and technology,I am starting to think it is two sides to the same coin. If tech is going to continued being used and incorporated into art then we should appreciate the artwork itself and not just point out whether or not it can be used on our phone. Interactive art is interesting and I believe that soon art will be phone accessible where you can scan the art and just look at through your phone. But I really think it takes away from actually looking at the art and feeling it actually getting an emotional reaction from the art piece. But I digress, as it seems that art and technology are slowly merging to create its own hybrid art/technology ecosystem (Herring, 2014). Its not necessarily a bad thing but while this ecosystem is slowly integrating itself into Grand Rapids we have to remember to step back, put our phones away, and appreciate the art for what it is. Whether technology is incorporated into the piece is irrelevant because appreciating art never gets old, and art itself will always be rapidly changing in society. Lets hope that you can appreciate the world of art at ArtPrize this year and put away your phones in time to see what art truly looks like in your eyes.


Herring, Todd. (2014, January 24). Art + Technology: Two events that define where we live. ArtPrize. Retrieved from https://www.artprize.org/blog/art-technology-where-we-live

Kaczmarczyk, Jeffrey. (2015, September 21). ArtPrize 2015: How to Vote and Why you Should. MLive. Retrieved from http://www.mlive.com/artprize/index.ssf/2015/09/artprize_


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