Social Media: A Curse or a Blessing?

It started with an idea. That’s what everything starts out as; one idea that soon spreads and becomes something more. It spreads not unlike a virus and is now something that will not be going away anytime soon. Like a cockroach or maybe a fungus it’s here to stay. That’s what social media is; at least that’s what I believe. What with Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and every other type of social media platform out there, the world is expanding. Social media though is a lot more than just a platform for communication. It is a part of life, something that is there for convenience and a way to keep people entertained. True it is used for business purposes but it’s also used to spread news, to watch an upcoming video, to see who is dating who, and etc. Social media as a whole encompasses an entirety of different thoughts and actions. As to whether this is good for our generation and future generations, well that is still up for debate. These are my thoughts on what social media is and its impact on society.

I as a person do not use social media as other people in my age group due. Call me old fashioned but I don’t believe that the world revolves around social media but then again I’m just inherently lazy and don’t check what is posted daily. If I do use social media I usually use Facebook just to see how old classmates are doing. I only just got a twitter account this semester and that was just because it’s a requirement for the class. I do use YouTube frequently but just for entertainment. I don’t use social media for business purposes and I’m starting to think after taking a course that revolves around technology in the world that I need to pay more attention to it. Facebook for example, is used now more as a platform for targeted ads for businesses who for every ‘like’ they get on their page get their own self-promoter for their product. It’s good business sense and is something that I need to be aware of (Noor Al-Deen, Hana, Hendricks, p.147).

What I have noticed around me is that people use social media the most as a platform to post pictures and posts about their life. Class can just about to start and I see girls sending that final message or just post random photos of themselves like it is the most important thing in the world. This I think impacts learning as studies have shown that “by using social media in the classroom it encourages students to develop connections with peers and reinforce the collaborative nature of learning”(Gonzales, 2015). I can’t see how it is but apparently it is very important. I think that the entertainment factor is what appeals the most to people my age that makes the social media platforms so popular. The personal benefits to myself are that I use it for entertainment purposes when I’m bored. This is mostly with YouTube though but I do use Facebook to check on old schoolmates.

Overall the use of Social Media has changed society into a more communicative one through these platforms. While some believe that this has improved society I believe that it has made us more vulnerable. With everything online these days it means that anything said online stays online whether you delete it or not (Mashhadi, 2015). Someone can still see what you said and this can impact you as a person. Whether this is good or bad is up for debate but we have become extremely self-reliant on these social media platforms. I won’t lie, I’m guilty of this but luckily I know how to regulate myself otherwise I would never get anything done. I haven’t decided if this is a curse or blessing truthfully. As it is, it’s all a matter of opinion really. I don’t think we’ll really know until years in the future.  

Social Media apps

Photo by: James Howie


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