It’s Inevitable, You Have to Work Together

Business team standing hands together in the office

Group work never ends. It’s a fact of life. Whether its working on that report with the girl that sits next to you in 5th grade or working on a project for a company with your group, collaborating with others in inevitable. In any school environment it’s a standard that is followed. While working with others is a school thing, when you hit college most students think that “oh I’m in the real world now.” After all, college is a lot different than high school. But working together is always constant, you should never expect that group work ends.

Any occupation that you go into will involve group work. It’s expected and saying that it ends after school is foolish. Thus since working together is inevitable, you need to learn how to connect with others. To say that you hate working with others is to say that you are not flexible and in any workplace you need to be flexible.

It is agreed upon by most experts that working together provides a better accomplishment in the work place. When working together you need to Choose Participants Carefully, Remove Quiet Politeness, Establish Communication Protocols, Use a Specific Ideation Process, Give Requirement and Permission, Work with Respect, and Broadcast Recognition and Gratitude.(Daum, 2013)

Working together is something that cannot be avoided or talked around. You may dream all you want but its an inevitable in the work place. Instead of going against the tide work toward success in the workplace. Don’t fight it and remember:

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

~Henry Ford


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header photo credit: wavebreakmedia via photopin (license)



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