Group Final Exam!

CAP Crusaders here! (You can tell by the logo below this paragraph.) Let me tell you, it was a long ride. Phew! (In case it wasn’t clear, I was wiping off the sweat from my brow like in those cheesy movies.) We’ve had a quite a semester and this exam was an interesting way to end the year.

Team Logo
Beware the Crusaders!


For the first part of this exam we stopped over at the 20/20 desk and checked in on Facebook. (Because we obviously need to tell everyone where we are at that moment!)


After the thrilling 30 seconds it took to take that picture we decided to skip, hop, and run all over campus for some pics in front of GVSU’s finest monuments. (No really, we skipped some places…take that as you will.) We really had a blast trying to grab our next victim (I mean cameraman) to take our picture.

Transitional Link

This is a GVSU landmark because it looks cool and it’s a great place to sell/preach crap we don’t want to listen to. (This is ignoring the superstition of walking under it because even if you don’t believe in it your still not going to walk under it.)

bench with billy edit
Commemorative Statue of Bill Seidman, Founder of GVSU

It’s a GVSU landmark because where else are you going to see a picture of this guy? I believe that T.Haas has taken the place of him as the photogenic one.(This is a great example of how to look as stiff as the statue though.)

Cook tower edit
Cook-Carillon Clock Tower

For whom the bell tolls or in this case a landmark due to its ability to ‘toll’ the time for students. Really it’s a clock it tells time. (Even on some occasions belts out a catchy holiday tune, if your near enough)

Heaven and Earth

Its a pretty statue sure and it makes its landmark by having a matching one on the Pew campus. (What else are you expecting it to be, is there even a story behind it?)

We can’t of course forget about the author of this piece. (Even I need to feed my ego once and awhile.) I like this particular piece because of the iron/brass instruments used in it. It’s like they’re leading you on. (Pun maybe or maybe not intended.)

IMG_1114 (2)
I am “The Trumpeteer”

Following our trek around campus we eventually got to humiliate ourselves and each other by re-enacting memes. (Ignoring the humiliation, it was pretty funny!) We Vadered, Quidditched, and Hadouken with the best.

Do I have a favorite meme, I’m glad you asked! (I can picture the eye-roll now.) This right here is from my favorite TV-show ‘Big Bang Theory’. I love Sheldon because of his socially awkward moments that while may not be appropriate are still spot on. This was one of those moments because I feel I can relate. (And most likely any teacher, parent, etc. who has to put up with other people daily.)


I don’t think memes play any other role besides to just make you laugh and make you think. At least while on the Internet they can make you smile.

We also have an awesome video with sound-effects and everything. (I’m the one who pushes the elevator button in the beginning!)

It is now time to wrap this up with some research. (I know it’s boring but bear with me.) This infographic is located on pages xx-xxi in the report. What I can tell from the graphs is that in 2010 we had the highest amount of donations. But if you look just the year before and the year after it’s significantly lower. What happened in 2010 that caused such a huge spike in donations? Why couldn’t we get donations like that in 2014 and what about this year? This made me think.screenshot final

That concludes this final exam and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please grade nicely on your way out and enjoy the holiday, you deserve it!


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